Adventures in South Korea

On September 1, 2017, I arrived in South Korea for the third time. My first trip was in 2007 when I spent four months here as an exchange student. I loved it so much I came back again as a tourist for a few weeks in 2008. This trip is of a much more significant time frame: two years.

This South Korean opportunity, like my first, came suddenly and without warning. A co-worker of Brad’s told him that a school in South Korea, Chadwick International, was looking for a sixth grade design teacher. On a whim Brad applied, and a few weeks later he got the job. Our decision to make the move, like my decision to study here, was just the same: a quick decision to take the leap and just go for it. Were there things weighing against this new life adventure? Of course. My rather new career as a lawyer, Brad’s baseball connections and commitments, and being 7,000 miles away from our families in the States, to name a few. But in the end it came down to one thing: the opportunity for adventure. Brad and I love to travel, to experience new things and meet new people, to see things we’ve never seen before, and to experience the world through someone else’s eyes and realize that with all of our differences we are ultimately all quite similar: living life and pursuing happiness as best we can.

Brad and I have both traveled extensively in North America and Europe, and recently we left our first footprints in the Southern Hemisphere during a trip to New Zealand. But our experiences in Asia are limited (mine to South Korea and China, and Brad’s non-existent). Living in South Korea will give us a base from which to travel all around Asia and experience many of the wonderful things this continent has to offer. Our first big trip is only weeks away: a three-week whirlwind tour of Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos during the winter break. And we already have our spring break trip planned as well: a week in Japan at the end of March (hopefully there will be some cherry blossoms blooming). With so many things to see and do I’m not sure how we’ll fit it all in. Of course we also hope to do some domestic exploring in Korea as well, and we would love to share our Korean experience with family and friends. We have a guest room ready and waiting for our first visitors!

I’m sure these two years will fly by, and I hope to capture and share all of the experiences I can. It is in that spirit that I am starting this blog. Here I will try to share our travel experiences and notes about our general life in Korea. Please feel free to visit this page for updates. Enjoy!

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