Life in Songdo: The Apartment

As you may imagine, our life in Songdo is quite different from our life in Boston. For starters, the apartment! Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I will do a photo comparison below:

Boston: 4-story brick row house built in the 1800s.

20170902_152300Songdo: 27-story modern high rise.

20170831_070200.jpgBoston: view of more row houses, traffic, and the Pru.

20171006_162146Songdo: view of more high rises, the ocean, and beautiful sunsets.

Boston: sunset views of row houses, baseball lights, and church spires.

20171115_164931-01Songdo: amazing sunset views over the ocean.

External comparisons aside (because it’s what’s on the inside that counts, right?), the interior differences are probably most startling:

20170831_091557Boston: carpet and slanted ceilings.

20170921_180517Songdo: hardwood floors, open spaces, and floor to ceiling windows!

Boston: two cozy (aka: small) rooms.

Songdo: more space than we know what to do with (3 extra rooms that we have set up as a guest room, an office, and a yoga room, none of which we really use; I typically just do yoga in the living room)!

20170830_214009Boston: small kitchen with hardly any cupboard space.

Songdo: modern kitchen with double sink, large refrigerator, and more cabinets than we can fill!

P1060513Boston: in-living room bay window with dining nook.

20170928_111035Songdo: larger dining space.

20170714_223520Boston: our bed took up almost the entire bedroom, and there weren’t any closets for our clothes!

Songdo: room for the bed, his and hers dressers, a separate changing area, and 4 closets!

Boston: one bathroom in which Brad had to tilt his head to avoid hitting it on the slanted ceiling, and a square-shaped shower that measured about 2.5ft by 2.5ft.

Songdo: a master ensuite bathroom with shower/bathtub combo, and a spare bathroom with rain-style shower.

standing water in front of washer and dryer from leak under stairs ceiling wall foundation and or window
Boston: 4 flights of stairs down to the dank basement laundry room that leaked and was full of cobwebs.

20171122_165743Songdo: in-unit laundry room with washer/dryer combo.

20170830_213913Boston: keys to the building and apartment doors that often got stuck (and the main building door often didn’t close).

Songdo: electronic home monitoring system with keypad entry, motion sensors, appliance control, and 3 video monitoring screens.

Well, those are some of the major differences between our Boston apartment and our new Songdo apartment. What do you think?

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