Do’s and Don’ts of Camping in Iceland

What would a camping how-to post be without a time lapse video? The setup is actually as easy as it seems. This post will give you the tips and tricks you need to have an amazing camping trip in Iceland. Camping is a fantastic way to visit Iceland. What better location to stay in while exploring one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world than right in its backyard?

Beautiful campground at Vik.

DON’T worry about booking a campsite ahead of time; just show up. The natural beauty of Iceland will distract you at every turn so if you try to plan exactly where you are going to sleep you will either have to bypass beautiful sites or be up until all hours of the night trying to get there. There are many campsites in Iceland and they are all quite casual. You can show up whenever you want and often there will just be a box in which to leave the minimal fee in the event that you arrive after hours.

Campground in the middle of the fjord at Isafjodur.

DO bring an eye mask if sunlight keeps you awake. Iceland is the land of the midnight sun. During the summer months the sun never truly sets; it might go below the horizon for a couple of hours but even then there will still be light, so if you need darkness to sleep be sure to pack your eye mask.

Well after midnight at the campground in Reykjavik.

DON’T worry about how you will pass the time at your campsite. Iceland has so much to offer that you will only spend as much time at your campsite as you want to sleep.

Beautiful campground at Holmavik in the Westfjords.

DO be sure you have coins at the ready for the showers. Some campsites have pay showers that cost around the equivalent of 50 cents for a few minutes of hot water. Be sure you have your coins handy otherwise you may miss your chance.

Camping in Thingvellir National Park.

DO stop by a grocery store and stock up on the essentials: water, snacks, etc. Amenities in Iceland can be very sparse once you leave Reykjavik. Many campsites have kitchens with items you may borrow to cook, but you may also want to bring your own cookware and gas stove.

All the gear you need: tent, mats, sleeping bags, and pillows!

DON’T forget to secure your tent; it can get very windy in Iceland!

Campsite at Patreksfjodur in the Westfjords.

Take these tips with you on your next trip to Iceland. If you need to rent camping equipment I highly recommend Iceland Camping Equipment Rental in Reykjavik. I’ve rented from them twice and they are fantastic! Or if you want to take your own gear here are a few lightweight, budget-friendly products that I recommend:

These are affiliate links, and if you click them to make a purchase I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you. I use such commissions to cover things like website hosting fees so that I can maintain the blog and continue writing for you! I only endorse products that I have personally used and would recommend to a friend.

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Do's and Don'ts of Camping in Iceland

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