Chiang Mai: A Day at Elephant Nature Park

You're going to Thailand? Are you going to ride an elephant? This is one of the most common questions asked when people hear you are visiting Thailand. Unfortunately, many people are not aware that this question raises serious ethical concerns about the treatment of elephants. Before you answer the question of whether or not you … Continue reading Chiang Mai: A Day at Elephant Nature Park

Do’s and Don’ts of Camping in Iceland What would a camping how-to post be without a time lapse video? The setup is actually as easy as it seems. This post will give you the tips and tricks you need to have an amazing camping trip in Iceland. Camping is a fantastic way to visit Iceland. What better location to stay in … Continue reading Do’s and Don’ts of Camping in Iceland

Driving Iceland’s Ring Road in One Week, Part 1: the Blue Lagoon, Reykjavik, the Golden Circle, and the South Coast.  

Driving Iceland's Ring Road in just one week can be done, but expect long days (and nights, thanks to the midnight sun) and very little sleep. I recommend 10 days for the ideal trip around the Ring Road, but if, like me, you can only manage seven, here is how you can pull it off.

Top Things to do in Iceland: Explore Glacier Lagoons, Hot Springs, Boiling Mud Pits, and more!

Iceland has so much to offer it can seem daunting to try to choose what to do. Luckily, with so many different options there is something for everyone, from the risk-taking adventurer to those seeking peaceful serenity. Here are what I consider the top Icelandic activities everyone should experience at least once.